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Get an insight into our tool and

the possibilities it opens up for you.


How evoach empowers coaches to thrive

Guided self-coaching helps your coachees reflect at their own pace, independently define solution approaches and continuously develop. Our modules are designed to support coachees in the phases between coaching sessions with you. Some coaches have already built individual modules with us.

Here you can find everything about the possibilities you have with evoach!


FAQ for Coaches


FAQ for Coachees & clients


Help videos for Coaches

Modules to get started


Identify your coaching topics

Identify your current topics, prioritize them and choose the most important topic to start with..


Before you start

Get a brief introduction into how chatbot coaching works with evoach, what you need to keep in mind, and what happens to your data.


Find a quick solution

Discover how to most effectively use your resources to quickly find a solution, set your goals, and get going.


Follow-up on your coaching session

This module can be sent out to your coachees preparing a follow-up coaching session.

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Coping with stress and overload

Identify what is stressing you the most using the STOP tool, develop solution strategies and steps for tangible action points.


GROW through self-reflection

This session based on the GROW model helps you to set a Goal which is inspiring and challenging, to reflect on it and converts the initial desire and intention into successful actions.


Discover my values

Discover your values for greater clarity and decision-making.


Identify my motivators

Identify your motivators for greater clarity, focus and effectiveness. 

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Recognize behavior patterns

Get more clarity about typical behavior patterns in difficult situations with this method by Chistoph Zill and find out how to break these patterns


Preparing Feedback

Prepare for an important conversation with nonviolent communication & COIN, uncover behavioral patterns and define your needs.


With our team of software experts, we have translated some well-known coaching features into digital form so that coaches can use and customize them. 
Here are a few new examples.


Five Whys

Get to the root of your topic and uncover the real drivers behind with this Toyota tool.


Wheel of Life (Basic)

This templates includes all the basic categories for the wheel of life based on current situation.


Check-in / Focus, Open, Energy (FOE)

Check-in to this session with scaling questions of Peter Hill on FOCUS, OPENNESS, and ENERGY.


Concern/ power questions

Use simple power questions to clarify the coaching concern.

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Have a Break

An offer to pause for your coachees


Ressource activation/ power question

Using a simple power question to activate your coachees mind before entering the solution finding process.


Check-In/ Scale Question

A short Check-In using a scale question


Solution/ Planning next steps

Select your solution steps to act, prioritize them and choose a date for implementation.


Evaluation/ Basic

Easy evaluation with 5 star rating

Integration options

Your coachees will either receive an e-mail invitation to use evoach after registration and/or login directly via Or they do a short registration-free get-to-know coaching on your website to book an appointment with you afterwards.  

Communication support

For each coaching module there is a description with content, use cases, target groups, etc.. In consultation, we are happy to provide additional material for internal communication via intranet, newsletter, etc., e.g. sliders and coaching parks on topics such as solving conflicts or giving feedback. 
From our experience, clear communication is important for use and acceptance:
Self-coaching is a chance for more job satisfaction through more clarity, focus and solution orientation. It is always a voluntary offer. 
The coachee himself is the expert for his solutions, the software provides impulses for self-reflection through coaching methods and questions for finding solutions.
The coaching always takes place in a protected space. The coachee has full control over chat protocols and results. The data is not shared with anyone unless the coachee actively shares it with the coach.


The software is optimized for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers in the current version. Use on desktop computers and laptops. Please send technical problems or inquiries to We will endeavor to get back to you within one business day.


By default coaches receive a monthly reporting about 
number of users, number of modules worked on, distribution of topics worked on.
Coaching content and individual ratings are not reported. 

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