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Our Coaching TechSkills Training

All the skills you need to tackle the Future of Coaching!

Including Communities of Practice for Coaches, Agile Coaches, Trainers & Consultants


What's in it for you

Target Group

This program was designed Coaches, Trainers and Consultants who

  • want to become more secure working with their clients in different online settings

  • want to develop their own digital prodcuct or service

  • while adhering to professionell coaching and ethical standards

This program is accompanied by complete access to evoach self-coaching, self-assessment &
preparation and transfer chatbots.

Peer-group meetings during the program will support your learning and application skills and you will
be able to ask questions and provide feedback through our community of practice groups.


Fundamentals & Overview


Get an overview of available technologies and tools supporting your coaching. Including use cases, ethics & data protection issues.

Learn how chatbots and AI work and how you can use them in different ways to enhance your personal coachings and support your client in their self-reflection skills.

Chatbots & AI


Setting the stage

Deep dive into technologies you can use to establish a good coaching agreement, cultivate trust and safety, partner and show presence.


Argumented & Virtual Reality

Get an overview of the difference between AR & VR, use cases and different solutions available and helpful to explore this further.


Online Coaching

Choose the right tools and learn how to set-up your digital environment for your online coaching session. Learn how to take notes and create a comforting atmosphere online.

Application Transfer

Learn more about how automation, regular automated check-ins, nudges between coaching sessions and habit stacking can lead to a better transfer from your coaching session to the clients succesful application.


Digital Visualiziation

Learn how to visualize during your coaching sessions using different whiteboards, constellation boards, picture cards and other new and exciting visualization tools.


Evaluation & Supervision

Dig into how to best evaluate your coaching session through follow-ups and learn how AI transcripts can improve your coaching skills.


The digital coaching market is growing rapidly. Many more people than before have access to professional coaching as a result. For coaches digital coaching


  • improves time management;

  • gives them access to clients worldwide, regardless of location or time;

  • helps them scale their coaching offerings;

  • and establish themselves as experts for specific coaching topics or target groups.


Learning Objetives

  • Know and practice the additional skills needed in online coaching and apply them confidently.

  • Experiment with and select digital tools you like to work with.

  • Get to know state of the art technologies such as coaching chatbots, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Assess their relevance for your practice.

  • Gain clarity about the opportunities of digitalization for your coaching business.

  • Build and expand your individual digital toolbox.

  • Be aware of ethical issues, digital business models and legal contraints in virtual coaching.

  • Offer multifaceted digital coaching safely and confidently.


Your investment for the eight week program is 1.190 € net. You might qualify for a discount code. Please check with us, if you have any questions.


Much of what works in analog coaching also works online. Still, there are key coaching competencies that challenge many coaches in the digital space, e.g.


  • Showing presence

  • Getting by with less body language

  • Creating a safe virtual space for clients.


A variety of technologies, tools, and service providers often create uncertainty which you really need, which best suits your style, and how to implement them practically.


Coaching brokers offer attractive digital coaching packages and programs to their corporate clients. Independent coaches need to develop their own hybrid and digital offerings to remain competitive.

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