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As a practicing coach, you are increasingly confronted with digital coaching programs today?

With our level-up you get first information how to digitalize your coaching business for free. 

Maybe you already have a website, are present on social media and offer video coaching? Then you're already doing well!

However, there are even more ways you can offer your clients the best coaching experience possible, while managing your time better

In the level-up, we give you as a coach an overview of the current CoachingTech landscape with concrete use cases for coaches and show how you can use software as a tool

● supportively in individual coaching;
● in hybrid group or team coaching;
● or to design scaling coaching and transformation programs. 

Then we'll take you into the world of chatbots and artificial intelligence in coaching. 

  • CoachingTech Know-How: What categories and providers are there today?
    ○ Digital infrastructure for coaches
    ○ Digitizing coaching content
    ○ Work more with inventory clients
    ○ Attract clients online

  • Deepdive
    ○ Chatbots in coaching
    ○ AI in coaching
    ○ Possible uses today and in the future.

  • The right digitization strategy for your coaching?
    ○ Goals
    ○ Necessary technical knowledge 
    ○ Time investment


Benefits for you:

  • Market overview CoachingTech: Which categories and providers are there today

  • Realistic assessment of possible applications today and tomorrow.

  • More clarity on the questions: 
    What kind of CoachingTech fits my coaching?
    What do I need to be technically able to do and how much time do I need to invest?

  • Inspiration to try it out and think further

You are interested in a specific topic? Contact us and we'll see if anyone else in the community is interested in the topic!


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Co-CEO/CFO of evoach

"I am a B2B, SaaS and Platform entrepreneur and business developer. Since building evoach since 2019, I became an expert in #CoachingTech and #DigitalCoaching!"

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