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Meet our first AIpina Coaching & Learning Chatbot Companion in action!

How Digital Coaching with evoach looks like

  • Create your individual chatbot-based evoach coaching modules.

  • Invite your Coachees to a coaching session with your evoach coaching module.

  • Get insights from coachees sharing their session results with you.

  • Concentrate on what’s really important for your coachees.

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Try out how it works for your clients

You want to know how it works for you clients. Sign-Up and try out some of our evoach coaching chatbot modules to get a first impression on what Coaching Chatbots can already do for you and your coachees.

You can try out our sample coaching modules on "Clarify your topics" to prepare your next coaching session as well as a "Follow-Up" module for after your personal coaching sessions. There are also some fully digital coaching sessions to see how it could work without a personal coach for standard coaching topics. 


How to start creating with a bit of magic!

With our brand new Coaching Creator we enable you to build your own Coaching Chatbot Companions leading your clients through your Digital Coaching Modules based on your Digital Coaching Program - fast, intuitive and easy-to-use, no coding skills required. 


Check out this video to see how easy it can be to create your first Digital Coaching Module by simply copy and pasting   your existing Worksheets  into our Coaching Creator App or using our fancy Speech-Input Magic. 


License Models

No matter how tech-savy or coaching experienced you are: with our 3 different packages we can offer all kinds of support level for you depending on your coaching set-up and needs. 

  1. Do-it-yourself

  2. Support as you go

  3. ViP Package


Dieter Bickenbach

CEO of geschaeftswarenladen

Co-Inventor of "MyCle"

"We have been thinking about how to digitize our "MyCle cycle" tool for a long time. The idea to try it with a bot sounded promising. It has proven to be true: MyCle also works fully digitally. Thank you to the team from evoach. It was really fun. There's a lot more possible than we think!"

Case Studies

Who we work with?



Self-reflection for leaders


6-steps-tool to reflect your leadership role:

  • define your leadership wheel

  • reflect your needs & values

  • create your action plan

  • learn & adapt in cycles

Dieter Bickenbach

CEO Geschäftswarenladen

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