Acquire more customers

with teaser coaching chatbots on your website

via iFrame or QR code, on your social media profiles, email signature or business cards

Chatbots beat newsletters by factor 40 

Did you know that chatbots are much more successful in attracting future clients than newsletters and website forms? That's why we now offer coaches an easy way to integrate acquisition bots for "clarifying topics" or other topic modules directly on your website. Clients can then start directly into a small digital coaching and book a personal appointment.

In comparison: A good newsletter is opened by about 30% of the subscribers. With good chatbots, it's more than 80 percent. The click rate for newsletters is about 10 percent, for chatbots about 35 percent. For newsletters, about 10 percent respond and their contact information, book an appointment or perform other actions. For chatbots, it's more than 50 percent. Source: Average figures from various online marketing and chatbot studies.

Here is a sample invoice for booking free initial appointments.

       Email/Newsletter                                      Chatbot/Messenger
       1000 contacts                                               1000 contacts
       300 opened                                                  800 opened
       30 clicks                                                        280 clicks
       3 registrations                                            140 registrations

Sounds interesting? Then try out below!

Appointment booking via coaching topic reflection on your website 

You can easily embed our topic reflection module, GROW module or your very own creation in your website so clients reflect their coaching needs, leave their contact details l and self-book appointments with you.