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Meet AIpina, our new AI enriched hybrid coaching and learning chatbot companion. She is a very empathetic and appreciative Alpaca using latest ChatGPT language models.

Our showcases are back and upgraded to the latest GPT models

Prepares a 1:1 coaching session with a client

Leads you through a complete solution focused coaching approach


Supports you to reflect on your training and learning experience

...  watch our pre-recorded sample conversation: 

Get started integrating your own AI Coach or Learning Companion!

You can now build your own AI enriched Coaching Chatbots with our new ChatGPT integrations. Onboard your clients, let them prepare for or follow-up on coaching sessions, or you can even create a fully digital coaching session for your clients. All based on proven coaching templates for models & tools, 100% customaziable.

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no credit card required

"I didn't think coaching bots could already be capable to do so much. It surprised me a lot. I especially like the fact that coaching bots help to improve the coachability of people.

Silvia Richter-Kaupp
ICF MCC, Coach Trainer, ICF ChapterHost Creator of "Free your mind" tool

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