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Case Study


Clarity in a new leadership role

About MyCle

If decisions in the new leadership role are difficult and uncertainty does not want to give way, then unresolved questions are often hidden behind them. Surprisingly, the questions are always the same. With the MyCle Box, managers can find out what they are. In doing so, MyCle provides bundled self-reflection and impulses for more satisfaction in the leadership position.


Leaders can use this pure self-coaching program to gain clarity, develop new perspectives and define concrete work steps.


How can we create a unique selfcoaching chatbot experience based on the MyCle Box which consists of several worksheets smartly combined. And how can evoach help bringing users in a continuous reflection cycle?



  1. Digitize the MyCle methodology

  2. Sell it online to a wider audience. 

  3. Start with new leaders as first target group

  4. Adapt and roll out for additional target groups.

The solution

MyCle is a tool to create more clarity about one's current situation and also about one's desired future. From the difference, users derive concrete action steps to get closer to this desired future. Together with Dieter Bickenbach, we have taken the MyCle-Box from the analog to the digital. With the help of our chatbot "Mo", up to seven categories are illuminated for the decision-making process. Moreover, the main logic of MyCle is that this analysis of ACTUAL and desired state is repeated not just once, but in regular cycles. This means that the initial aim is to identify steps that users can take in reality after working through the module in order to really get closer to their desired situation.

The process

Kick-Off: Requirement Workshop

Phase 1: Prototyping
Phase 2: Usertesting

Phase 3: Iteration Cycle

Phase 4: Beta-Version

Phase 5: Go-Live & Go-to-market

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What coachees say about MyCle

"I was surprised by how much I was able to achieve for my subject. I am very satisfied with the result."

"I didn't request a coach during coaching but the feeling that I could, was good."

"MyCle provided me with a concrete written output and a great level of commitment."

"Self-coaching with MyCle makes me feel good about myself."

Hannah Hüther
Senior Technical Product Manager, PTV Group


"I felt like there was someone there for me. Now I know more where I want to go and what I can do myself to get there. That gives a good feeling. For me it was very profitable and instructive. I was surprised how many people I could reach for my topic. I am very satisfied with the result."

Why we like working with evoach


"We've been thinking about how to digitize the MyCle cycle for a long time. The idea from evoach to try it with a chatbot sounded promising. It turned out to be true. MyCle also works digitally. Thanks to the colleagues from evoach. It was really fun. There's a lot more possible there."

Dieter Bickenbach

CEO Geschäftswarenladen

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