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As a practicing coach, are you increasingly exposed to digital coaching programs today?

You may already have a website, a presence on social media, and offer video coaching? Then you're already doing well! However, there are even more ways you can provide the best coaching experience for your clients and better manage your own time. The following article shows you what is required of you as a coach today and in the future and what possibilities so-called chatbots open up for you and your clients.

Digitalization in coaching is worthwhile

The digitalization of our known world is progressing more and more and in times of home office and social distancing the digitalization of different areas of life is indispensable. This is also becoming apparent in the coaching industry, as digital business has been growing by 15% annually since 2010, according to the Gartner HCM Hype Cycle. The institution even forecasts a 2 000 percent market growth for digital coaching applications by 2030. Here, it is becoming apparent that the majority of practicing coaches believe that more should and must be invested in digital coaching applications as they look to the future.

Future scenarios that are already happening today

Digitalization suggests coaching future scenarios that are no longer far-fetched, but more than conceivable today and are even already being implemented. Coaching sessions are increasingly taking place independent of location in virtual spaces, with coaches relying on artificial intelligences as assistants. The market is separating into digital ,as well as highly individual "high-class" coaching and coaching topics that can be standardized are being dealt with purely digitally. This opens up further target groups, whereby in times of work-life balance more and more companies are less hierarchical and it is part of the basic competence of a company to establish a liberal coaching culture.

Coaching today

Doing justice to all these scenarios is sometimes not easy. Coaches need design competencies to translate coaching into new (digital) formats. In addition, expertise in organizational development and impact evaluation is required, because coaching and consulting in combination is increasingly demanded by companies. In the best case, employees should become more efficient with the help of coaching, whereby topics from the therapeutic context also play a major role. All of this should then be accompanied by as little administrative effort as possible on the part of the company, there should be transparent scaling options including maximization of effectiveness, and furthermore coaching should be effectively integrated into the practice of the employees.

Digital helpers

Coaches today and in the future need to attract customers digitally with top content on relevant channels and websites. Coaches must deliver innovative hybrid and digital offerings to reach new audiences, and course and program planning and certifications must be managed digitally. Sound like a lot of requirements? That's right, it's a lot of requirements with a lot of demand. Thanks to a wide variety of digital providers for the different areas of coaching, you can meet all of these demands and requirements while investing the majority of your work time in working with your clients without having to overwork yourself. With digital platforms like Coachub or Koachee you can create infrastructure and with platforms like Kajabi or evoach you can digitize your coaching content.

Chatbots as assistants

Evoach offers you the possibility to build your coaching program individually with our platform and to achieve an efficient result for your customers. With the help of chatbots like Mo we have created a neutral listener who assists users without judging them. Mo accompanies users through digitally created coaching processes, which were created by you and experienced coaches. The chatbot works rule-based on decision tree structures and uses coaching methods and tools in a playful way. In a later step, Mo uses artificial neural networks to recognize concerns, patterns and emotions of the users.

With our chatbots, you can offer hybrid coaching to your clients. For example, they are prepared for an analog coaching session by being asked certain questions digitally, which provide you with important information for further coaching sessions. The digital coaches in the sense of an extension of coaching serve your clients as interlocutors between the individual coaching sessions and thus offer an AI learning transfer. They are not meant to replace you as a coach, but to make your work easier and more effective.

Ultimately, it's up to you to jump on the digital bandwagon. Ask yourself what your goal is and what scale you need, what "technical maturity level" you have and what fits your coaching style. In addition, it's also important for you to decide whether the digital provider you want to use meets your needs for functional competence and whether the offering meets your professional and ethical standards.

Because we all know that coaching is only effective for your clients if you are convinced of the method you are using.

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