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FAQ for Coaches


You want to built your individual coaching modules with evoach or have already started? Here you can find all FAQ's and technical hints. 


Before you start

Player App - for clients


This is the main access point for your clients. They can see all evoach default modules as well as the modules provided by you in their “reception”. They can start new sessions and access their previous sessions to continue, view or share them with their coach.



Creator App - for coaches


This is your main access point. You can see all evoach default modules. Some of them you are allowed to duplicate and edit to your liking. By clicking on create new module you can easily create new modules urself with our coaching specific chatbot elements and templates. We also provided several templates for you to faster create your personal coaching chatbots. You can view sessions your clients shared with you 


Our App works best in Google Chrome on Desktop. 


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1. How do I use a variable in subsequent messages?

E.g I ask for someone’s name, how do I use the “name” variable in the next Coach Message?

If you add a "MessageInput" element or any other element that is storing information, you can add a variable name for the input (property pane on the right hand side if you click on an element). For a subsequent "Coach Message" element, you can choose the variable name in the "Permitted text variables" section (property pane). Then you can use the variable in your text. Example: you add the variable name to your "Message Input" called "myvar". Then you add a "Coach Message" and select "myvar" in "Permitted text variables". Then you can use the variable in the text of your "Coach Message" like this: "Hello {myvar}, welcome to my coaching session". In loops, you can also access the indexed values of arrays, etc.


2. How do I save a session and load back a client’s details (name, goals etc) for a subsequent session?

You currently don't have access to the client's name or any variable across several sessions. I could easily provide a functionality that lets you access the name of the currently logged in user (coachee) for your session. The second aspect of your question (pass variable content from session to another for the same coachee) is already on our list but not yet scheduled.









3. How can I push elements further down the decision tree to gain some space when adding new elements/templates?

When adding templates, templates will be merged into the current flow when you drop it and existing elements will be pushed down. If you add a new element such as for example a new coach message you can push down your current flow by clicking on the “arrow down” icon. All following elements will be pushed down respectively.


4. Is it possible to make an API call to an external system?


Connecting to a HR system or similar can be solved either by an individual development or by a generic component that may call arbitrary APIs - but I guess that's too complex for the coaches as they are very non-technical :-)


5. Is it possible to evaluate a variable programmatically?

e.g. have an If/else statement regarding someone’s age (if {age} > 30 then XYZ…) and then direct the flow of the conversation.

not yet but it's on the list of upcoming features


6. How can I add a new element through connecting rewiring  nodes and edges in an existing flow?

You need to first delete the existing edges in order to be able to add a new edge to or from an existing or new element. To delete an existing edge you need to first see the for arrows symbol which indicates that the edge is now selected, then delete it. To add a new edge you need to see the cross when hovering over a node indicating it is now active.


7. How can I invite a client to a coaching module?

You can invite your clients by simply selecting the module you want to share, create a unique link and send it to your client. Once the client clicks the link and logs into the player, your coaching module will appear among others already availble.





8. How can I view a client's coaching session?

Your client needs to give you permission to view his/her coaching session by clicking on the “share session” button in his coaching session overview. He can only share the coaching session with the coach who invited him/her. As a coach you can then view the session under “coaching sessions shared with you”

9. How do I change the UI language

Click on your profile icon and on the Language element. Currently we offer German and English as a UI language.



10. How can I add a new language or manage translations for my coaching module?

Press on the language management button within the creator canvas or via the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the module you would like to add or manage a language from.







You will get to this screen













To the left you can manage the available languages and define the default language as well as create a new and delete existing languages. 


To the right you can edit all text for the module description and chatbot texts. You therefore need to simply select the appropriate field in the drop down box at the top.

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