Solving conflicts remotely: Why remote arguing is crucial for your team-performance!

Updated: May 3, 2021

Moving to our home offices, the environment has changed massively for many of us from one day to the next, NO adjustment time, NO change processes. Such drastic changes in the working environment lead to insecurity and stress and increase the probability of conflicts exponentially.

Arguing remotely is important! 

Those who work remotely must also learn to argue remotely because suppressed conflicts otherwise quickly lead to frustration, lack of motivation, and poor work results in the team.

Physical distance increases conflicts

When people work together on a common project, sooner or later conflicts with a variety of causes arise quite naturally. Remote work tends to intensify this even more. Often it is small things that grow into a real crisis more quickly due to limited remote communication. The productivity of the whole team suffers as a result. If, for example, the flappy comment of a team member really hurt or annoyed me, or if my dear colleague constantly types on his smartphone during the video conference,...

What is the best way to address such disturbances in times of remote communication via Slack, Microsoft Teams & Co. without escalation? These concerns are more prevalent remotely than in personal contact. As a result, conflicts are currently simply postponed.

But suppressing conflicts is the most successful way to escalate them. That is why we offer our coaching module „Conflict resolution" free of charge during the current crisis.

Our Corona Special!

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Don't postpone your conflicts to „after Corona"!

Nobody knows exactly when this new era will begin and who wants to catch up on 2 months of arguments?

Further development needs conflicts

Remember that: Team conflicts are important for teams. They point out problems, demand creative solutions and thus help to constantly develop the team and the business!


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