How to digitize as a coach and reach more clients in remote times!

Updated: May 3, 2021

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The current global pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation and home office is not just that "new work" thing but rather considered as the "new normal". This results in a clear shift away from on-site, personal to more digital offerings. Coaches need to add more digital formats to their portfolio in order to reach and provide support to their clients.

evoach offers coaches the option to position themselves as digital pioneers in the market and design their own coaching modules for their clients employees and teams. We support the digitalization of complete business coaching processes and thus offer clients and companies a low-threshold entry into coaching. The users are digitally guided through topic-related and solution-oriented coaching processes, and develop their own approaches and action steps.

The coaching modules are topic-related and run on the evoach coaching platform as self-contained software units. Main elements are: an intelligent chatbot, which asks the client coaching questions combined with gamified coaching tools such as Tetralemma, Inner Team, Non-violant communication, etc.. Video, audio and other elements are also integratable.

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HOW WE CAN SUPPORT Founded by certified coaches with digital competence through many years of working in the digital and software industry we offer coaches, institutes and corporates:

  • the technical platform to digitalize individual coaching modules.

  • to increase their online visibility and reach.

  • to extend coaching their offers and thus customer loyalty through digital modules supporting clients/employees before, between and after coaching sessions.

  • to strengthen the transfer of the results of the personal coaching sessions.

  • to scale individual coaching and reach more clients/employees.

HOW IT WORKS Today the agile module development process works like this:

  1. A coach, institute or corporation reaches out to us with a module idea and we discuss the feasibility and the rough framework.

  2. In a first workshop we define the first concept on how it could be implemented.

  3. From this, evoach creates a first clickable prototype.

  4. In a further workshop, the prototype is fine-tuned to such an extent that it can be tested with first real testusers.

  5. Through 3-5 user tests the prototype will be further fine-tuned in several iterations according the user feedback.

  6. The final module is available on the evoach platform and can be integrated in your online presence or network.

The client is part of the complete agile development process based on design thinking methods. We advise you on topics and feasibility and support you in applying for available funding.

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