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Who is my coach?

Our coaching solution is based on digital self-coaching. An intelligent web-based chatbot supports you in your reflection and encourages you to develop your own solutions.

How does digital self-coaching work?

Digital self-coaching works with automated chatbots. Various coaching questions and methods help to create a self-reflection process in you.

Is there a possibility to talk to a human coach as well?

No, our coaching approach is based exclusively on the chatbot solution. However, companies are welcome to link the evoach offering with other coaching offerings, such as an (internal) coach pool or peer coaching.

What are the advantages of digital self-coaching?

The advantages of digital self-coaching are primarily found in the price, the time required, the availability independent of space and time, and the scaling for all employees. Digital self-coaching can help establish a coaching culture in the company.

How do I open a chat or a coaching session?

To start a coaching session, you need to log in to your account in our web application and select a reflection topic. The chatbot will then start the conversation. For the Agile Coaching modules, you will receive a coaching invitation from your Scrum Master, who will invite you to start a session.

When does it make sense to start a coaching session?

You should start a coaching session as soon as you have a topic or problem you want to solve. Currently, evoach offers mainly solution modules in individual coaching. Over time, more modules for personal assessment will be added. The team modules serve as preparation for team meetings or retrospectives on certain topics of team development.

How often should I start a coaching session to see a result?

Since you deal with a specific concern in each session and define a corresponding solution path for it, you will already see a result after the first session. Your personal development process is individual and depends on the person. However, it is important to stay on the ball and to actively implement the developed solution.

Do others have access to my chat with the chatbot?

No one but you has access to your chat. However, there is the possibility to share the coaching results with the Scrum Master, for example.

What happens to the results from the coaching session?

The results of the coaching session are your solution steps. You can use them as a solution approach for yourself, or as preparation or agenda for the next 1:1, development conversation or team meeting.

What about data protection? Do I have to invent fake names?

You are completely protected in your chat room. No chat data will be stored or shared. You can still use other names in the chat if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Does the coaching cost anything for me as an employee?

Coaching is free of charge for employees. The employer covers the coaching costs.

What does evoach offer besides the digital coaching modules?

evoach has a podcast format "The Future of Coaching" that is available on all popular platforms, such as Spotify or Google Podcast. Every other Wednesday, we invite coaching experts and HR practitioners to debate the future of business and team coaching together. On our website you will also find exciting tips and tricks on coaching and agile ways of working in our blog and as download files.

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