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Vocation Coaching

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About Shania+

SHANIA+ is an acronym for

S for Status Quo
H as in challenge
A as in departure
N for sustainability
I as in I
A like impact+

The + stands for further coaching techniques, exclusive offers in outdoor coaching/hiking coaching in the Black Forest Nature Park Central/North with exercises from forest bathing, rounded off by animal-assisted coaching with "Emma in the box".

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How can a classic professional coaching be transferred into a hybrid coaching program?




1. transfer the existing SHANIA coaching method and storytelling into the digital world
2. create a unique and marketable hybrid coaching program
3. adapt and enhance the content of generic SHANIA+ vocational coaching to meet the needs and issues of specific target groups, e.g. LGBTQIA+, Deaf, etc.

The solution

Imagine that from now on you appear self-determined and know your vocation. You love your work as yourself.

Finding your calling means answering your soul's call to heal and grow. Success comes from within. The proven methods from the SHANIA+ program accompany people through this coaching program for professional orientation, a new beginning, 
for individual and team coaching and beyond in the topics of diversity, inclusion and feelgood placement. Throughout the program, SHANIA - the one who walks her walk - supports you.

The program is based on 7 factors

  1. Determination

  2. Courage

  3. Time

  4. Creativity

  5. Mindfulness

  6. Leisure

  7. Perseverance


It offers a unique mix of personal 1:1 coaching, chatbot coaching, nature/hiking/outdoor coaching in the northern Black Forest, complemented by animal-assisted coaching.

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Why I like working with evoach


"I was looking for a way to bridge the gap between analog and digital based communication with people in coaching. Evoach is the first address in the region for this way. Anke and Rebecca understand how to combine technical know-how with modern requirements for a professional coaching process, because they themselves have years of coaching experience. I am very grateful for the great understanding and the many impulses during the development."

Lutz-Axel Priebe
Vocation Coach

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What coachees say about Shania+

The coaching with Lutz Axel Priebe has a lasting effect. This helps me focus on constructive goals.

 The coaching result strengthens my hope that I can continually bring small improvements to the school system.

At a lecture event I got to know Lutz and his coaching program. What I appreciate most is the persistence with which he leads the conversations.

My vocation coach is asking the right questions. Very emphatic and nonjudgmental, he ensures that you feel completely understood right from the start.

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Lutz held space for me throughout the entire coaching process. The conversations and regular reflection have opened up new space for me to develop. Being accompanied by him encourages me to trust my intuition and choose my own path. Exercises and feedback discussions focus attention on taking my steps with ease. Our conversations were a new beginning to a life of independence and endless new possibilities.

Anja, Energetic Transformation Coach, Freelance Speaker

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