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About Ignition Global

"Ignition Global" is a hybrid program that addresses reframing through training and coaching of people in leadership positions at global companies. It is about supporting managers and their staff in reframing and empowering managers to unleash the commitment and creativity of teams to work in an agile way and develop (innovative) solutions. 
Important here are the "Me" "We" and "Us" stations, working on mindset, skillset and toolset. 






How can I develop a hybrid coaching program for IKEA to help managers foster team creativity and innovation?


  1. Create digital coaching modules for the individual stations.

  2. Build a hybrid platform for the specific audience.

  3. Testing with test users and adjusting details.

  4. Roll out and develop a broad audience for the tool.

The solution

Dagmar Böttger, together with evoach, created the hybrid coaching program "Ignition Global". 

In today's world, where rapid change and disruption determine everyday life, a company's ability to adapt and innovate is becoming the most important driver for growth and survival. The innovative power of teams is of essential importance in this context. Their diversity of thinking, their creativity and problem-solving capacity will be decisive for fast and effective innovation leadership. Only through consistent training of innovative and entrepreneurial skills can opportunities be transformed into new market offerings. Together with leaders, teams can learn the new way of working and become fit for this ever-faster-changing world. New opportunities for growth and ultimately new business models emerge from the new collaboration. 

The process

Kick-Off: Requirement Workshop

Phase 1: Prototyping
Phase 2: Usertesting

Phase 3: Iteration Cycle

Phase 4: Beta-Version

Phase 5: Go-Live & Go-to-market

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