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Case Study

Hybrid Collaboration Program

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K-Team training expertise
+ evoach digital expertise
= sustainable collaboration improvement

About Fit for Future - Collaboration Training

In times of crisis and turbulence, everyone realizes that communication and collaboration skills are the order of the day and one of the success factors of the future. Conventional offerings often do not go deep enough, which is why "FIT FOR Future - Collaboration Training" was developed as an innovative and hybrid training concept that optimally combines training, mentoring and coaching elements in one program and focuses on implementation from week one.


With "FIT FOR Future" leaders, teams and organizations can strengthen their action competencies and personal responsibility.

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As a digital coaching enabler, how can we create a digital companion programme for participants of the K-Team's 3-month online training program with the aim of increasing efficiency in collaboration? 



K-Team wanted to offer their clients a unique hybrid collaboration programme. By digitizing the repetitive parts of selfreflection, more time can be spend working on clients individual challenges 1:1. Both combined boost collaboration practice and support a sustainable improvement in K-Teams client organizations leading to high customer satisfaction. 

The solution

The Fit for Future - Collaboration Training offers managers, teams and organizations the opportunity to bring their employees' collaboration and communication skills to the next level. Within three months, individuals learn in seven modules and constant analog and digital support how to deal with implementation blockages, while also triggering personal development processes. Together with Christoph Zill and his team, we have designed a digital companion program to the Collaboration Training so that users can be in constant contact with their personal coach during the coaching process. After successfully completing the training, the participants master tried-and-tested formats and tools for successful collaboration and identify areas of application and potential for improvement in their area.  

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Evolution of the Collaboration Program

With the feedback of the first cohorts, the Collaboration Program evolved. The first version included flexibly usable self-coaching modules on topics such as solving conflicts or recognizing behavioral patterns. The upgraded version now includes additional pre-reflection and transfer chatbots for each of the four topic modules to reflect on one's own collaboration behavior. On top it features a chatbot to define and follow through a practical project running throughout the program focused to support learning transfer. Training, coaching, chatbots and additional material all in one platform wich a modern program interface, invitation workflows and statistics.

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What coachees say about Fit For Future

"I especially like the focus on increasing participants' action skills and the unique hybrid structure of the 12-week program."

"On the same day, targeted impulses in situations where I wanted to effectively practice what I had learned!"

"Added value and is fun - not least because of the dedicated lecturers!'"

"Basis of every professional personnel development program!"


"Unfortunately, collaboration within the team and with the executive level is not always as efficient as the company needs. This particular collaboration training reduces extra work, conflicts and wasted time and improves the quality of decisions in the company. I especially like the focus on increasing the action competence of the participants and the unique hybrid structure of the 12 week program.For me, this Collaboration Training belongs to the basis of every professional personnel development program."

Dr. Thorsten Gerberich
Senator of the Economy Germany, Managing Director of QUANTUM Gesellschaft für berufliche Bildung mbH

Why we like working with evoach

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My first project with evoach was to digitize my coaching method 'Identify Behavior Patterns'. This was an exciting experience, and I am very happy with the result. Due to the digitalization trend, our goal at Das K-Team was to place greater emphasis on sustainability and the coaching aspect in our offerings, while also addressing additional target groups beyond executives. The cooperation with evoach is predestined for this. For example, we recently launched our three-month online coaching program on the topic of collaboration, in which we help specialists and managers improve (interdisciplinary) collaboration in their everyday work. In the meantime, digital self-coaching from evoach is is an integral part of our hybrid consulting and coaching offerings.

Christoph Zill 
Co-founder and owner of the K-Team

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