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Level Up your coaching business

Create your ❤️
Coaching Program
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supported by our chatbot companions  to
scale the impact of your coaching expertise.

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Digital coaching programs are on the rise as they generate a more stable income over a period of time and are scalable. With programs you can offer your clients a coaching package including pre-reflections, 1:1 coaching sessions, training input, reflection logs, worksheets and other contents.

Greater impact of your program thanks to our chatbot coaching companions

provide your coachees with great pre-reflection, follow-up reflections and fully guided self-coaching  for a greater impact of your coaching program. 

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How to easily create your Coaching Program!


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What our Coaches love about us ❤️

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"My new hybrid coaching program for "Online Collaboration" helps me to create new business opportunities and to achieve better results for all participants through deeper reflections."

Christoph Zill

Consultant, Coach & Mediator
Inventor of "Chain of awareness"

Case Studies

Who we work with?

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Christoph Zill 
Co-founder and owner of "K-Team"
Systemic Coach, Mediator

Integrating training, chatbot and 1:1 coaching into a behavior changing hybrid programme 

Fit for Future

Hybrid Collaboration Program


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