Agile Coaching Modules

With evoach for teams you can support your teams to grow continuously. The focus is on the areas: Team development, strengths, competencies and values. Our agile coaching modules are the perfect tool to prepare the next team retrospective more efficiently. The scrum master or team leader sends a coaching invitation to all team members and asks them to reflect on their topics individually beforehand.

Team Basic

Use this Basic module for structured data collection to have more reflected and meaningful retrospectives.

Team Reflection

Choose avatars for your team members and prepare your individual team con-stellation. Why? Gain more clarity about people, cooperation and relationships in your team. You can either openly show and discuss your constellation in the retrospective or  provide action items to improve structures and processes.

Team Feedback

What happened, how does it make you feel, what do you wish for? Use non-violent communication to make your point and deliver critical feedback to your team, in a way they can accept more easily - either within the retro-spective or in 1:1 conversations before.

Team Status

How are you doing as a team? Use the five dysfunctions of a team to collect ideas and define action items to discuss in the next retrospective on how to improve trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and result orientation in your team.



"With evoach we were able to prepare our Agile Retro in the best possible way and gained a very good insight into the current development status of our team. Above all, the guided questions in the preparation phase led to much more high-quality input for the retrospective within the team."

Robert Bauer
Partner & Agile Product Development
intension GmbH

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